📢Call for Articles for Sano Paila volume 05


We are delighted to announce the submission of articles for our E-magazine, ‘Sano Paila, Volume 05’ 😇
The writers are requested to submit articles on the following themes:
1. Green recovery after COVID 19
2. Children in times of crisis: From Changing change to COVID 19
3. Youth and Climate Activism in Nepal
4. Role of Children and Youth in achieving climate action plan of Nepal
5. Gender and Climate Change
*Note: The article must be submitted in English language and the selection of article solely depends upon the publisher submit it here 👉 Articles for Sano Paila volume 05
Four volumes of Sano Paila have been published to date. Go through the previous volumes here ⬇️
1. The article must be written in the English language.
2. The submission must be between 300- 500 words.
3. The article should be based on the given theme and original, concise, and clear.
4. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If found so the article will not be accepted.
5. References must be at the end of the articles.
6. Entries must not contain anything which is intended to bring organizers into disrepute nor attempt to damage other people’s reputation.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/UnrbLPdDhYN1czxX9
Deadline:1st November 2020, 12 AM
If you wish to work with us on Sano Paila, email us at nyca.np@gmail.com
For more queries, ring us at +977- 9808418559.