About Us

Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) is a youth lead coalition of the Nepalese youth and youth groups tackling climate change, the biggest challenge of our generation. NYCA was established in August 10, 2008 with the motto “Caring for Climate, Caring for Ourselves”.


  • To raise awareness in local, national and international level regarding climate change.
  • To educate, empower and mobilize youth to achieve our goals and vision.
  • To establish the network of youths in the Local, National, Regional and Global level for the Climate Campaigning.
  • To conduct the research and studies on the different components of climate change.
  • To support the Nepalese government in international negotiations for the strong lobbing on Nepal’s and Nepal member coalition’s position.
  • To pressurize the large GHGs emitting countries for deeper cuts in their emission within their boundaries
  • To pressurize developed countries to assist with the adequate and predictable financial support for the adaptation and transfer of the technology in the developing country.
  • To pressurize Nepalese government for switching towards the low carbon economy.


Our goal is to protect Nepal and the Nepalese people from the adverse impacts of climate change by spreading awareness, advocating policies and taking action. We aim to play a key role in transitioning Nepal towards climate resilience by leading adaptation efforts and mitigation of GHGs.


We envision an economically prosperous and sustainable Nepal where youth play an active role in leading the society towards cleaner future.