Shift: for our planet 2022

NYCA's Climate Awareness

In 2022, in collaboration with Save the Children Nepal and WWF Nepal, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) initiated the "Shift for Our Planet" campaign to raise awareness among key stakeholders, such as front liners, decision-makers, indigenous communities, and the younger generation. Our efforts encompassed various activities:

1. School Awareness: We conducted climate change awareness programs in 25 different schools (both private and government) across eight districts of Nepal, educating students about climate change beyond their regular curriculum and teaching them eco-friendly practices suitable for their level like promoting sustainable behaviors, such as waste reduction and resource conservation.

2. Youth-Led Climate Talks: A series of discussions were held to empower young people with knowledge, terminology, and the capacity to take meaningful climate action. This fostered an understanding of the importance of ecosystems and the role-play of youth in climate regulation and adaptation.

3. Climate Culture Event: We organized an event among the Newari community in Patan, sensitizing them to the connection between their culture and climate issues. We connected Indra-Jatra which is celebrated by the Newari community thanking Indra: the god of rain, emphasizing changing rainfall patterns and dried Hiti (A local underground water tap). This encouraged them to take ownership of climate action while preserving their heritage.

4. Jalwayu Sawal with local government: This discussion program involved two local governments in Province 1, where youth and local authorities engaged in dialogues about how local governments can contribute to cleaner energy solutions for sustainable development, with active youth participation. The local government leaders showed their commitment to exploring eco-friendly alternatives that rely on natural resources like solar and wind power, reducing the strain on ecosystems.

5. Empowering Women with Mushroom Farming: In Baitadi, we provided training to 100 local women in mushroom cultivation. Mushrooms are climate-friendly due to their minimal environmental impact, and this training not only offered a sustainable livelihood but also promoted nature-friendly agriculture. Six women's groups immediately started their mushroom farms after the training.

6. Climate Summit: An Eco Fair: We organized an eco fair in the Chitwan district, uniting 14 different youth networks dedicated to similar interconnected issues. During this event, participants shared their knowledge and capacities, forged future partnerships, and collectively brainstormed nature-based solutions to tackle environmental challenges. This gathering generated significant momentum towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

Each of these activities aimed to promote climate awareness and solutions, fostering a greater understanding of the vital role individuals and communities play in addressing climate change while promoting eco-friendly practices.