Green Discussion on “Climate Change and it’s impacts in South Asia”

WebsiteAs a part of Green Discussion, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) organized a discussion program on “Climate Change and it’s impacts in South Asia” at CEN Meeting hall on 7th November 2014.  Students from various colleges participated in the program.

The program was facilitated by Ms. Krity Shrestha, Research and Policy Officer, Clean Energy Nepal. The program was divided into two major parts as the presentation and discussion. In the first part, Ms Krity Shrestha gave her presentation on the ‘Climate Change and it’s impacts in South Asia” focusing on the impact of climate change in  South Asian Countries. She also highlighted about the role of youths to cope with the impact of climate change in South Asia. She added that the South Asian Countries are the most vulnerable to climate change due to poverty and less capacity to adapt. She discussed that the major impacts of climate change in South Asia are GLOFs. Floods, Landslides, drought, scarcity of fresh water, reduction in the food production rise in the sea level, acidification of sea and land too.

She further talked that there were two ways to respond to climate change as mitigation and adaptation. Ms Krity then addressed the queries of the participants who asked her about the hud hud cyclone and causes of acid rain .

PM Koirala urged to raise the voice of climate vulnerable communities in the Climate Summit

19th September 2014

Nepalese Youth For Climate Action (NYCA), together  with 30 other youths and Civil Society Organizations submitted a letter to PM Sushil Koirala urging him to raise the voice of vulnerable communities in the Climate Summit 2014. PM Koirala is leading a delegation from Nepal and will be leaving for New York Today.

The climate summit called by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is set to be a historic event where the head of states and governments will make a political commitment at the highest level.

The Climate Summit will be held from 23rd September 2014 in New York, USA.

The letter has been attached herewith : Youth and Cso Letter to PM ahead of UN Climate summit


Four days Training on Water and Waste Management and Roof top Farming (23- 26 July 2014)

??????????For many years, Kathmandu valley has faced high number of immigrants from rural areas. As per the latest census carried out in 2011, Kathmandu valley was home to 2.5 million people and Kathmandu district is the most rapidly growing district in the country. Over one million people live in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) while the rest reside in the 4 other municipalities and some VDCs. Uncontrolled and rapid urbanization of the valley has resulted in an increase in environmental problems, ground water scarcity, waste and water management problem as well as rapid decrease in agriculture land. Loss of these farming areas that traditionally provided Kathmandu City with rice, grains, poultry and dairy products has made it more vulnerable to disruptions in the food supply. The city now has to depend either on the produce from rural areas or import from India and China. The only major access road to Kathmandu is sometimes blocked due to landslides resulting in the fluctuation of vegetable prices. At the same time it is highly likely that the changing climate will increase the frequency of natural disasters. Protection and preservation of the remaining peri urban and rural agriculture land is deemed necessary if Kathmandu wants to reduce reliance of food. In addition, using built-up spaces specifically roof tops to grow food in the city areas, could provide a viable alternative to supplement the supply of vegetables. Continue reading

National Youth Conference on Climate Change: Kathmandu Youth Declaration 2014

We hundred representatives from five development regions of Nepal assembled at Kathmandu to participate in National Youth conference on Climate Change Parallel with CBA8, from 27 -29 April 2014.  Children and young people are concerned with the increasing threat posed by rising global carbon emissions and the changing climate. Many are already experiencing the impacts of the changing global environment in their communities. Not only do young people have a right and a need to tackle climate change, they also have much to contribute. As they live and play in their communities they often gain unique insights into the local environment, its strengths, weaknesses, and the ways in which it is changing. This is more so with the youth which represent the present and future of the country. Youth have both special concerns & responsibilities in relation to the environment and will have to live longer with the consequences of current environmental decisions than will their elder. So, the children and youth engagement is prior need for us. Continue reading

National Youth Conference on Climate Change; Announcement of result of application call

Dear Applicants,


We are very glad to inform you that you have been selected as participant for our National Youth Conference on Climate Change which is going to be held on 27th -29th April,2014 .We do expect  your active participation there .

Furthermore, we would like to get confirmation of your presence and participation in the conference within 20th April (Sunday).If not we will be compelled to give priority to other applicants .If you are not able to conform us about your participation through mail then please contact Mr. Lalmani Wagle(9841851824) or Miss Nameeta Nepal (9849929640). We will be forwarding the information tool kit soon after your confirmation.

Wish you all the very best for the preparation and looking forward to see you on the conference.

List of selected participants

National Youth Conference on Climate Change

youth conference _logo-fNYCA have organized three national youth climate summit in 2008, 2010 and 2012 and regional youth summits in all major regional cities focusing on awaring and empowering diverse youth and youth groups. Same as NYCA have successfully organized 1st South Asian youth summit on climate change in 2009 in Nepal. These national youth summits were instrumental in bringing Nepalese youths together to discuss on climate change and sustainable development issues, sensitize them for climate action and collectively push local and central governments to mainstream climate change in development process and planning. Young people of Nepal have identified the emergent need of youth involvement in climate action. Youth have both special concerns & responsibilities in relation to the environment and will have to live longer with the consequences of current environmental decisions than will their elder. So, the children and youth engagement is prior need for us. This year Government of Nepal together with Clean Energy Nepal (CEN), Bangladesh Centre for Advance Studies (BCAS) and International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) organizing 8th Conference on Community- Based Adaptation to Climate Change.

The Community Based Adaptation (CBA) is an approach to adaptation to climate change, which are community-based and participatory, building on the priorities, knowledge, and capacities of local people. It provides information and concrete examples on potential impacts of climate change and mitigative measures which are location specific and community managed (Source: Community Action Global Impact).  Continue reading

Call for your Love Towards our Mother Earth: Open Love Letter Competition

flyer 2Valentine’s Day!! A day dedicated for love!!! A day dedicated for romance, confessions, proposals; a day dedicated to express one’s love to others! Need it be between two young hearts, love is universal; love is omnipresent between people of all age groups and also between people and earth!
So, join us in confessing our love for our Mother earth, join NYCA in an open love letter writing competition to our earth! Profess your love and win prizes a mountain Bike for your LOVE!!! Continue reading

Green Discussion on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment”

Green discussion forum of Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) about “Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment” was done on 5th July, 2013, by Resource person- Mr. Mochan Bhattarai, from Socially Responsible Business Development Network (SRBDN). The entire program was divided into two sessions. The first one was the theoretical part, where the resource person explained on CSR, its significance and how it related with environment. During the program Mr. Bhattarai shared some example how  the social responsibility has become a strategy of business and according to him “CSR is not intended for marketing or business it should be voluntarily and applied on win – win condition for both organization and stakeholder”. Further he highlighted that CSR is based on creative and interacting processes and it should be long term that goes irrespective of profit and put impacts on stakeholders. The second session was about discussion where participants were asked their queries to resource person. While answering those questions he gave some good example of 3P (Profit, Planet and People i.e. economics, environment and society) is necessary for sustainable development. Many organizations are contributing on environment Vodafone Qatar lunched biodegradable SIM card, Laxmi Bank’s one account: one tree scheme, etc. In this way, many National and Int’l organizations are working on environment and social sector as they use the resources of our  planet; earth for gaining profit an is enough to remove the dilemma of participants . A total of 40 participants from ASCOL, KUSOM, Tri-Chandra, NYCA, Paschim Paaila and CEV made the program a success.

The program formally ended by handing over a token of love to the resource person and quick discussion on possible topics for next sessions.

“Think, Eat, save and BLOG”

With the aim of celebrating the World Environment Day 2013, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) is organizing a week long Environment Week. As a part of the week-long program, NYCA proudly presents “Think, Eat, save and BLOG” Competition. The main objective of this Blog Competition is to aware youths, environmental enthusiasts and the future generation on the UN Environment Day Theme, the importance of rational food habits: reducing food waste and loss across the food supply chain and to encourage the amateur bloggers of the nation.

Submission Guidelines and Event Timeline Continue reading

Nepal Environment Week 2013

env33Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) with support from its partner organizations is continuously organizing awareness, advocacy and action campaign nationally since the time of its establishment. In the year 2009, 2010 and 2011 we were came up with the creative idea of celebrating environment day through Mega event “Eco-football: Goal Against Climate change” with main objective to spread message nationally through media and through participants same as in 2012 we organized Third Nepalese Youth Climate Summit in Pokhara to advocate youths from grassroots level.
This year, NYCA has come up with more creative, result oriented plan for bigger and better event to mark the world environment day 2013. The Environment day will celebrate for one whole week with many events in Nepal. Continue reading