Green Discussion on “COP 22 Outcomes and Opportunities for Nepalese Youth”

Nepalese Youth for Climate Action(NYCA) together with Clean Energy Nepal(CEN) organized a discussion program “COP 22 Outcomes  and  Opportunities for Nepalese Youth” as a part of green discussion series on 15th January 2017.

The main objective of the program was to  share the information and knowledge among the youth on the UN Conference of Parties(COP 22), its outcomes,youth involvement and climate tracking  that happened in Marrakesh, Morocco from 7-18 November  2016 and give further information on how they can grab the opportunities and become a change-maker.

The one and half hour session was conducted by Mr. Binod Prasad Parajuli, a research fellow at HI-AWARE, ICIMOD, fellow at Climate Tracker and  MSc. Candidate at Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES) TU. Also, he was an attendee of COP 22 in Morocco. He shared  his personal  experience about being a negotiator tracker and  following the COP negotiations during COP 22. He also discussed on the agendas that was put forward16106508_10208569554298158_449199190_o by the Government of Nepal during the COP. He stressed on the opportunities that youth can grab at any moment without waiting for the perfect moment to come highlighting the outcomes of COP 22 . He also shared his experience of tracking the negotiations. He also suggested youth to remain updated on the contemporary issues and explore the doors of opportunities .

The session was soon followed by a discussion forum where youths discussed about how to overcome the challenges that come along with the opportunities and what youth need to focus more on.

Enthusiastic youths from various backgrounds participated in the event.



As per the latest updates by WHO, the total deaths has plateaued at 1.25M per year with the highest road traffic fatality rates in low income countries. When it comes to Nepal, it is the most downright dangerouroads. So, to minimize the road accidents, as a part of Green Discussion Series, NYCA was able to aware the youth about road safety measures, green transport, and cyclist, pedestrian and vehicular mobility. With “Share the Road” dictum DSP Sabin Pradhan, Road Safety Coordinator at Metropolitan Traffic Police aware today’s youth through this forum. Lastly, the participated youth in this forum will disseminate about the road safety through different campaigns in schools, colleges and communities.

Green Discussion on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment”

Green discussion forum of Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) about “Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment” was done on 5th July, 2013, by Resource person- Mr. Mochan Bhattarai, from Socially Responsible Business Development Network (SRBDN). The entire program was divided into two sessions. The first one was the theoretical part, where the resource person explained on CSR, its significance and how it related with environment. During the program Mr. Bhattarai shared some example how  the social responsibility has become a strategy of business and according to him “CSR is not intended for marketing or business it should be voluntarily and applied on win – win condition for both organization and stakeholder”. Further he highlighted that CSR is based on creative and interacting processes and it should be long term that goes irrespective of profit and put impacts on stakeholders. The second session was about discussion where participants were asked their queries to resource person. While answering those questions he gave some good example of 3P (Profit, Planet and People i.e. economics, environment and society) is necessary for sustainable development. Many organizations are contributing on environment Vodafone Qatar lunched biodegradable SIM card, Laxmi Bank’s one account: one tree scheme, etc. In this way, many National and Int’l organizations are working on environment and social sector as they use the resources of our  planet; earth for gaining profit an is enough to remove the dilemma of participants . A total of 40 participants from ASCOL, KUSOM, Tri-Chandra, NYCA, Paschim Paaila and CEV made the program a success.

The program formally ended by handing over a token of love to the resource person and quick discussion on possible topics for next sessions.