GREEN DISCUSSION: Nepal Emission Reduction Program Document(ER-PD)

Mr.Ugan Manandhar ,D19105513_10154705726017934_8446733514089560268_neputy director of  WWF Nepal presented very new document of Emission reduction program of Nepal.He gave brief description of REDD+ with its support to enhance forest carbon stock of Nepal.

The main objective of this discussion program was to showcase a new  and effective document after REDD+ i.e. ER-PD .This document was submitted by Nepal on may 2017 and its implementation,verification,payments will be done during from 2018-2023.The ER-PD will be implement with inclusive participation of local government,districts,CSOs,indigenous people,local community,dalit and women group.The performance of ER-PD will be monitored by world bank FMT,TAP/CFP.The impementation of ER-PD will help to maintain intellectual property right.Improvement in biodiversity, ehnances the capacity of women and forest dependent communities .