On 16th November, 2017 “World Climate Stimulation: A Role play in Negotiation” was organized by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) and supported by Plan International Nepal. Around 40 participants were present at the program from different educational background. They were given opportunity to build climate change awareness and enable participants to experience some of the dynamics that emerge in the UN climate negotiations. All the participants were divided into 6 groups and assigned to be a delegate representing various countries such as China, India, United States of America, Developing countries etc. Brief description of the program was given and upcoming COP 23 information was shared in presence of Executive secretary of UNFCCC Patricia Espinosa .The main target of the program was to let participants involve into the negotiation process and finalize an agenda at23561676_10155132424477934_1020700332457529798_n the end. The negotiation exercise was divided into 3 rounds to meet the 2 degree Celsius agenda.

With the aid of C-ROADS the data came from each of the regions were entered into the software and analyzed through the graph whether we were able to meet the agenda. With the strong stand on23658405_10155132425722934_2106650434196385439_nthe development by China and US we were not able to reach the agenda but we could reach up to 2.42degree at the end. To show the disastrous outcome at the end we covered the developing nations with piece of cloth to show that developing country will soon be drowning if same trend of GHGs emission exists. Sadly, the participants were so involved with the role play they couldn’t come up with the agenda and also there was limitation of time. Overall feedbacks from participants were good. They thoroughly enjoyed being part of role play negotiation process.