NYCA Core Team

  Ms. Sanju Shrestha,Network Coordinator

captureSanju Shrestha is Enthusiastic, Devoted and Energetic youth working in the field of Environment and Climate Change .She belief that small group of Commited youth can bring positive change in society .She joined NYCA as xv team 2015 .She is now working as Network coordinator .She love travelling new place and trying out the new work.


Ms.Barsha Adhikari, Green Discussion Coordinator.


 Barsha Adhikari started her journey with NYCA as a participant in explore camp. Since then she have been involved in every program of NYCA. Now she is working as a green discussion coordinator. Currently pursuing bachelors in environmental science, she is a energetic youth who thinks change is necessary and believe in “ be the change that you want to see in this world.”


Ms. suveksha Jha ,Communication Coordinator.

She is an insightful, delishuvekshagent and creative youth, working in the field of climate change , environment protection, and wildlife conservation. She is currently studying Bachelors of Science in Forestry at Kathmandu Forestry College. Ms. Jha stands by the popular statement ,“Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country” ,she believes change starts from us . She joined NYCA in 2017 as a member, and now working as the Communication Coordinator.

Ms.shristi Neupane,School and College Coordinator.

shristi She is young determined girl who is nature lover .She has the dream of being intelligent,independent and successful environmentalist. Apart from this ,she is actively involve in social work and environment related programs.She has been involved in NYCA Since 2015.She is now working as school and collage coordinator at Nepalese Youth For Climate Action. She has volunteered in various program. She believes in making changes through small efforts.

Mr.keshav raj pokharel,Regional Coordinator

He hav26610110_544799012543448_533455803_oe started journey from National youth Conference on climate change .From then he have been involved in various programs of NYCA till date .He love to share knowledge and ideas within the people .He aims to move forward with the thought “Problem is not a big issue if the individual desire to fix it and tackle with it to find out the solution”.

Mr.Dhurba Pokharel,Policy and advocacy coordinator.

He loved to call himsIMG_20180104_150629 (1)elf responsible and country loving citizen of this nation.He is and innovative person who have power to think differently.Currently He is studying Environmental science at Patan Multiple Campus. Now, he has been working as Policy and Advocacy coordinator at NYCA. He is very patriotic person whose favorite quotes is

” Jiudai maryo tyo jasle samjhiyana desko maato,

 Baachyo sadhai tyo jasle samjhiyo desko maato.”


Mr.Pawan Rai,voluteers Coordinator.

He is a passionarawante, creative, young fellow working in the field of environment. He started his journey with NYCA as a participant on the day of international youth day. He is now working as volunteer coordinator. Apart from this, he is actively involving in sharing his learnings of environmental science to the society. He loves to work for the betterment of the society with the belief that the society won’t exist if we destroy the environment.
Mr.Utsav panthi,Campaign Coordinator.
26543292_759315780944839_8731774_oUtsav Panthi is a young, creative and confident character currently studying Bachelors in Environment Science. He has been actively participated in various environmental programs and
awareness campaigns. He joined NYCA in 2017 as a volunteer and currently working as Campaign Coordinator. He believes in hard work and commitment.

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  1. Dear Team,
    I am Ashit BK from Dhumbarahi KTM. I had read your organization web page about NYCA. I inspire with your work. I am interested to working together with your email. So would like to explore further opportunities.

    I hope to your cooperation and collaboration

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