Green Discussion

A Green Discussion on “Ambitioning Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of Nepal” was conducted today to aware young people about Climate Action Plans like NDCs and increase the importance of youth engagement to implement the enhanced NDC.

Climate Change and preparing Climate Action Plans like NDCs not only provides us challenges but also explores wide range of opportunities to shift to hydroelectricity use, protection of forest, use of Electric Vehicles, more green jobs …and the ultimate meeting to 1.5 degrees!
More the youth space and their engagement, More ambitious the NDCs!



“We care about climate change because of our children,
we want to safeguard their future.”

On the occasion of Mahashivatri, we pray the Lord to help us overcome the darkness and ignorance of Climate Justice. We are among the front line to face the severe effects of Climate Emergency. We want a secure future for all of us.

Without nature, we are nothing and we need robust action to save what we have with us.



Green Discussion

Green Discussion on A talk Show on “Sagarmatha Sambaad”
Mr. Yam Nath Pokharel

Nepal is hosting Sagarmatha Sambaad, a multi-stakeholder, permanent global dialogue forum which is initiated by the Government of Nepal. As a preparatory session, National Sambaad was held in Feb 9 and the first episode of the Sagarmatha Sambaad is scheduled to be held from 2 to 4 April 2020 under the theme “Climate Change, Mountains and the Future of Humanity” focusing mainly on the impacts of climate change that Nepal and other countries around the world are facing.

Youth plays a vital role in enhancing the awareness level of the society as they involve in numerous social activities.

In this context, as a capacity building session, a Green Discussion on “Sagarmatha Sambaad” is expected to increase the importance of the Sagarmatha Sambaad among wider mass. Building the capacity of youth will also lead to make the voice Louder, to implement the Words committed by leaders into Action.



School and College Programs

“We’re going to have a major energy crisis. We’re not going to have enough resources and materials. I say this to a lot of people and people say, ‘Are you excited to grow up and raise a family?’ I don’t want to have kids because I don’t want to see what their life is going to be like then. Because already we’re starting to see these effects and whenever I’m an adult we’ll see these effects. What are my kids going to see?,”  -Greta Thunberg

“Its a collective endeavour,
its collective accountability and it may not be too late.”
School awareness campaign was successfully held in Triyog High School.



Wetlands day is the day of adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February, 1971 in the Iranian City of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea. It was established to raise awareness about the value of wetlands to humanity and planet. Each year different themes are selected to focus the attention and help raise awareness about the significance of wetlands. This year, 2020 has been themed as “Wetlands and Biodiversity” aimed to highlight wetland biodiversity, its status, its importance and its promotional actions.
According to Ramsar Convention “wetlands are areas of marsh, fen peatland or water, whether natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, with water that is static or flowing, fresh, brackish or salt, including areas of marine water depth of which at low tides does not exceed six metres”. Wetlands are distinct ecosystem that is flooded by water either permanently or seasonally, where oxygen free processes prevails. They have characteristic vegetation of aquatic plants than other water bodies. Though they cover only around 6 per cent of the Earth’s land surface, but still are of great importance.
Wetlands are vital for humans, for other ecosystems and for our climate, providing essential ecosystem services such as water regulation, including flood control and water purification. Wetland biodiversity matters for our health, our food supply, for tourism and for jobs. Wetlands also absorb carbon dioxide so help slow global heating and reduce pollution, hence have often been referred to as the “Kidneys of the Earth”. Not only that wetlands are a diverse ecosystem which is the habitat for many diverse species. 40 per cent of all plant and animal species live or breed in wetlands.
The worrying thing is that they are disappearing three times faster than forests due to human activities and global heating. So, we ought to take immediate actions to protect them for ourselves and upcoming future.

“Save the wetlands and then we can think about saving the entire earth”




15th week of #ClimateStrike at Boudha

Climate Strike is not only building pressure to reduce the emission, but also raising awareness among the people about Environmental and Climate Crisis.

“We have gathered today because we have chosen which path we want to take, and now we are waiting for the others to follow our example,” Greta said. “We will never stop fighting for this planet, for our futures, and for the futures of our children and grandchildren.”



Join us for a silence protest for Dilip Kumar Mahato


The 26-year-old, Dilip Kumar Mahato was killed for protesting against illegal extraction of river bed materials near his home in Shreepur Tole of Mithila Municipality. Dilip was an engineering student and had always been concerned about the environment. During his holidays at his home town Dhanusha, he had observed illegal extraction of river bed materials. He was aware about the illegal activity going on for the past two years. He had been protesting ever since it started, and he had repeatedly gotten into disputes with people from the crusher industry. He was murdered brutally by the crusher industry. Dilip was truly an Environmental hero.
Justice for Dilip is Justice for Environment!
we ask:
1. Declare Brave Dilip Kumar Mahato “Environment Martyr”
2. Ban all illegal mining
3. Severe punishment for the culprits

NYCA’s Statement in Solidarity with Dilip Kumar Mahato


We condemn the brutal murder of Dilip Kumar Mahato, and stands in solidarity with the people of Dhanusha.
Yesterday morning, a young environmental activist Dilip Kumar Mahato who had just completed his Mechanical Engineering exam and was raising his voice against illegal mining of natural resources was murdered. We demand justice for him (mine owner Bipin Mahato had threatened to kill Dilip three days ago) and express heart felt condolence to his family and demand the closure of all illegal mines. The people who run these illegal mines usually have political connections and can get away with such brutal murder. This may encourage them to continue degrading their environment.
Due to the prevalence of such evil practices, a Mother lost her loving son, a sister lost her exemplary brother and the country lost one of its assets. We, call for the urgent and brutal punishment to murderer and urge authorities to exercise due diligence in the investigation, prosecuting and punishing of the perpetrators.
#NoToIllegalMining⚠️ #JusticeforDilip🔜
#WeStandinSolidarity 🕯🕯