School Awareness Program- Climate Change


64907574_10156483149412934_311350764926664704_nGreta Thunberg,15 has taken the urgency of climate change to whole new level. She was the one who started school strike for climate. While many students in different parts of Nepal still don’t know about Climate change or they don’t bother to act on it. In this regard,school awareness program on climate change was conducted at Balahi, Siraha among 200 students of Shree Raja Secondary School.They were sensitized on the threats of CC and the urgency to act on this topic.They were surprised to know that they are the last generation who  can fight with CC.

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time and now is the defining moment to do  something about it. There is still time  to tackle CC, but it needs unprecendented effort from all sectors of the society.

Cleanliness and Plantation Program- Cleaner& Greener Earth


On June 5, NYCA in collaboration with Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN)  conducted clean- up program at Pashupatinath Temple marking World Environment Day. The cleanliness program lasted  for two hours from 8 AM-10 AM in the morning. While in the daytime plantation was done in Deepkunja English School. About 20 different species of trees and fruits like Bottle brush, Sallah, Guava, Pine etc,. by NYCA members along with the active participation of students and school administration. The plants were handed to different grades so that the students feel their responsibility to  conserve the trees. Plants are the natural controllers of air pollution and climate change  and can lessen its rate by absorbing carbon dioxide from air, storing carbon in the trees and soil  and releasing oxygen in the atmosphere.

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Earth Day, 2019


57589844_10156355500802934_1481841679366356992_nAs every year this year as well World Day, 2019 was celebrated in a different way. This year a small football tournament was organized engaging youths from different backgrounds and different institutions with a theme of “Futsal for youth  bonding”. Seven different organizations and institutions participated in the tournament including Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA), Clean Energy Nepal (CEN), Paschim Paila, Patan Campus,  Kathmandu Forestry College (KAFCOL), Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL) and AYON. At the end, ASCOL was declared as winner of the tournament for defeating all other teams and winning the end match. The winner was awarded with a trophy and  plant saplings to the players of the winning team. Not only that, other participating teams were also given a plant sapling with a motto to protect plants, promote greenery and conserve the nature as per the theme of Earth Day, 2019 that is “protect our species”

Climate Stike:Youth4Future



On 15th  March 2019, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) together with Clean Energy Nepal organized the silent demonstration at Maitighar mandala located almost centers of the Kathmandu valley with the active participation of 150 youths from the different institutions   to support Greta Thunberg. The demonstration was done by showing the different Art, Posters and Banners reflecting the different global issues related to the Climate Change as well demand for urgent action on climate change.  Nepalese Youth for Climate Action along with its district chapter Baitadi,Dang,Lamjung Chitwan and Kanchanpur  organized different event in 6 different districts of Nepal. Slogans demonstrated was focused to Global Leaders and National Leaders Some of the slogans were जिरो कार्वन सहर हेर्ने हाम्रो रहर,वातावरण मैत्री अब बनाउ स्थानीय तह सब, We are the first generation to feel the impacts of Climate Change and the last who can do something about it. Program was ended with surface cleanup around mandala.



Earth you are the life to millions of creatures. You are the one where we can enjoy the essence of life. You are the most beautiful and amazing. How can you be so selfless and provide everything that we need. We even after being the most intelligent creatures among all living beings have ignored your cycles, polluted the water, air and raped you in the name of minerals and mines. Most of we disregard that we exist because of your existence. It’s already let, let’s take action together before it’s too late.
We don’t want to miss the opportunity to engage and aware youth in any occasion to protect our mother ‘Earth’. With this aim on the occasion of Love month we Nepalese Youth for Climate Action together with Clean Energy Nepal organized Eco friendly Valentine at Clean Energy Nepal, Satdobato, Lalitpur in 14th February,2019 with series of activities Love Letter to Nature, Demonstration of some of the recyclable materials that you can gift to loved ones, Games, Songs and Poem Reflecting love to nature.Winner of the Love letter to mother earth was also awarded.51794225_10156210351292934_9190621901905461248_o




6th National Youth Conference on Climate Change

Biratnagar Declaration-2018

We, 90 Nepalese Youths Participating in three days’ 6th National Youth Conference on Climate Change organized by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) at Biratnagar from 27th-29th December 2018 from 58 different districts representing all Provinces of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal urge the government of Nepal to implement our common demand.

  •  We urge government to strictly enforce the Article number 30 of 2072 Constitution of Nepal i.e. “Every person shall have the rights to live in clean and healthy environment”.
  • We urge all tiers of government to include youths in decision making processes of climate change. Youths should be member of government in all conferences related to climate change.
  • Engagement of youths should be mandatory in all the plans and programs for resilient future. In addition, we demand to have meaningful engagement and participation of youths in budgetary process of all the Government.
  • Government should ensure significant engagement of youths in achieving the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement as well as other Environment related treaties.
  • We urge dedicated fund for research grants to be set up by government to engage young researcher in the field of climate change.
  • Youths demand proper transparency in disbursement of 80% budget that is supposed to reach at the local level as guided by climate change policy of Nepal, 2011.
  • Deteriorating air quality is leading to pre-mature death. Thereby, we demand government to address air quality issues by installing air quality monitoring station in all municipalities.
  • Government shall ban the use of plastics below 20 micron in Kathmandu valley and other major cities of Nepal.
  • We demand Government of Nepal not to accept climate change funds in the form of loan.
  • We urge Government of Nepal to encourage true solutions to climate change and promote people led indigenous knowledge based grass root solutions.
  • We urge Government of Nepal to engage youths in ongoing amendment of Climate change policy 2011.

Supporting partners: Clean Energy Nepal, CARE Nepal, UMN and UNDP Nepal

Nationwide Cleanup Campaign


 Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) organized Nationwide Cleanup Campaign from Satdobato to 41817469_1165622130258349_5432458284487409664_n Lag41725373_320849191804551_8387134010173685760_nankhel with the theme of “Our waste, our responsibility” on date 15th September, 2018. Around 60 Youth and Children from different educational institutes. The main objective of this campaign was to aware the communities about the proper management of waste and to support the Nepal Clean Environment Huge Campaign 2075. The cleanup campaign was ended with the remarkable speech of Miss. Sanju Shrestha (Network coordinator of NYCA). She emphasize to minimize the waste in our daily life and added to be responsible to manage waste from individual prospect.

The Nationwide Cleanup is an annual event celebrated by individuals, communities, schools, government and private organizations in Nepal to clean up our streets, rivers and public spaces. The aim is to improve the immediate environment and increase awareness about what we can all do to make Nepal a clean and beautiful country.

Walk for Renewable Energy:Rise for Climate


On the occasion of Global Day of Action 8th September 2018, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) together with Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) organized “Walk for Renewable Energy”(Rise for Climate).The event included the demand to the local leaders commit to building a fossil free world  .

 About 250 students and youth participated in rally with the slogans in the Hand demanding possible free World. The key highlight of the rally was the Demo of electric bus and 15 cycle with the demand of ecofriendly means of transportation. Rally started from Lagankhel and ends to Jawalakhel, Lalitpur.

The bar for real climate leadership is simple: public, actionable commitments to a fast and fair transition to a fossil free world, powered by 100% renewable energy for all. Rise for Climate Action is a global moment organized by hundreds of local leaders and dozens of partners focusing on IMG_20180908_083843Global Climate Action Summit going to be held next week on California.

Ms.Sanju Shrestha Network Coordinator –NYCA emphasized on Youth demands, Action into words. It’s time to repower our communities with clean, renewable energy from the sun, earth, wind and water. We need every local government and institution to commit to building 100% renewable energy and stopping new dirty energy projects in their community.

Mr. Rajan Thapa –Program Manager-CEN highlighted that Youth are the power of change so Youth should raise their voice for the positive change. Mr. Bhupendra Sharma-Environmentalist-DOE said that we should make change in our daily behavior to End the use of fossil fuel.

GREEN DISCUSSION:Status of Tiger Monitoring in Nepal;Comparing results of the Past(2008/09&2013/14)


38461394_2081645442101501_1165160658161893376_nOn 3rd August, 2018 Nepalese Youth for Climate Action-NYCA organized Green Discussion on ENPHO Hall Tapagaun. Respected Jhamak B.Karki, PhD presented on the Topic “Status of Tiger Monitoring in Nepal; Comparing results of the Past (2008/09 &2013/14).” Around 85 Participants from different institutional background was present in the Discussion and the program was interactive. He stated that Tiger can be identified by body marks Face marks, Tail marks. He mentioned about Line transact and its practical use in Nepal and also about camera trapping which have been used in recent tiger monitoring. He concluded that camera trapping is more reliable than pellet counting method.  Participants raised the Question about Tiger monitoring. Camera trapping is not use in case of Rhino because Each Tiger have different footprint to be identified but Rhino cannot be distinguish. Male and female tiger can distinguish on the basis of Pug mark.

Green Discussion:”Urban Mobility:Is Road Expansion a Sustainable Solution?”


On 20th July 2018 Nepalese YIMG_20180720_154519outh for Climate Action-NYCA organized Green Discussion on the Topic “Urban Mobility:Is Road Expansion a Sustainable Solution?” .It was Presented by Resources person Ms. Rashmi Maharjan (Program Officer-Clean Energy Nepal) in presence of participants from different institution.She highlighted that Sustainable urbanization most be people centric rather than vehicle centric. She also stated that Road expansions are not the sustainable solution. Though road are expanded in some areas in Kathmandu but the congestion and road accidents are still same incase in the phase of increasing.

She requested all the participants to use Eco friendly transportation so that emission contribution to the environment will be less and directly can help in reducing Green House Gas(GHG’S).