Nationwide Cleanup Day 2016


NYCA as a National partner with Clean Up Nepal organized the Nationwide Cleanup Day 2016 on 17th September 2016. Along with NYCA center (kathmandu), other chapters i.e. NYCA Dang ( Lamahi and Tulsipur), NYCA Lamjung and NYCA Dadeldhura organized this clean up day with the help of the local communities. The main objective of this cleanup day is to create among the people about proper waste management and our responsibility towards the environment for its greener and better future.           

World Climate Simulation: A Roleplay in Negotiation


On 21st September, “World Climate Stimulation: A Roleplay in Negotiation” was organized by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) in Partnership with CLimates and supported by Clean Energy Nepal at Golden Gate International College premise, Baneshwor.  Around 25 participants were present at the program from different educational background. They were given opportunity to role play as the delegates from different countries and practice the negotiation process.

The main objective of the program was to build climate change awareness and enable participants to experience some of the dynamics that emerge in the UN climate negotiations. All the participants were divided into 6 groups and assigned to be a delegate representing various countries such as China, India, United States of America, Developing countries etc. Brief description of the program was given in addition to that Paris agreement and upcoming COP 22 information was shared in presence of Executive secretary of UNFCCC Patricia Espinosa and UN General Secretary Ban ki Moon. The main target of the program was to let participants involve into the negotiation process and finalize an agenda at the end. The negotiation exercise was divided into 3 rounds to meet the 2 degree Celsius agenda.

With the aid of C-ROADS the data came from each of the regions were entered into the software and analyzed through the graph whether we were able to meet the agenda. With the strong stand on the development by China and US we couldn’t met the agenda but we could reach up to 2.5 degree Celsius at the end. To show the disastrous outcome at the end we covered the developing nations with piece of cloth to show that developing country will soon be drowning if same trend of GHGs emission exists.

Sadly, the participants were so involved with the roleplay they couldn’t come up with the agenda and also there was limitation of time. Overall feedbacks from participants were good. They thoroughly enjoyed being part of this innovative program and they said they wished to participate in programs like this.


Application Call for “Clean Air Ambassador”


The capital city Kathmandu of Nepal is one of the examples where pollution level is much higher than national standard and WHO standard. The reasons for the worsening air quality are multiple in Nepal, vehicles, brick kilns, trash burning, forest fire, houses are to name a few. The sources of air pollution are both point and non-point sources clean-air-ambasaddorand mobile and stationary sources.
It is an undeniable fact that air pollution has high public health cost and economic burden to families and as whole to our nation. This important issue only gets space in national media occasionally, and has not yet been able to generate much public attention.

“I Care For Clean Air” is a campaign of Clean Energy Nepal that aims bring the focus on air quality and make it a priority for stakeholders and governments. This campaign works with the school going children and the general public and those who are on high risk exposure to air pollution.

Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) with Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) invites the aspirant Clean Air Ambassadors for “I Care For Clean Air” campaign who are willing to work for the Cleaner Air in Nepal.

Who can apply?
 Energetic Nepali Youth of 18-29 years.
 Who is willing to work in the issues of Air Pollution.
 One with the quality of team work.
 Must be interested to put a step forward to create a positive change in the society.

Terms & Conditions:
 Must be willing contribute for at least 6 months.
 Must commit for at least 20 hours per week.
 Able to design campaigns and run the activities smoothly.

 Each of the participants will be designated as “Clean Air Ambassadors”
 Certificate of Appreciation will be provided after the successful completion of 6 months term.
 Minimal Transportation Allowance Available .

***15 Participants will be selected as “Clean Air Ambassador”***

Deadline of Submission: 16th September 2016

Link For submission :

For inquiry: Contact 980304918 (Jasmita Khadgi)

Post COP Youth Discussion – Paris Agreement : Opportunities for Nepalese Youth


pNepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) together with Clean Energy Nepal with the support of Plan International Nepal organized an interaction program entitled ” Post-COP Youth discussion program ” Paris Agreement: opportunities for Nepalese Youth ” as a part of green discussion series on January 5, 2016 .More than 40 enthusiastic youths from various walks of life participated in the interactive program.

Naresh Sharma, a senior agro – economist, Go N and National program Manager for NCCSP began his session by taking the queries from the youths themselves about the national initiatives from Go N in tackling the climate change issues. He emphasized on the perspective of youths about the actions that are to be taken on dealing the climate change impacts. Questions such as renewable energy status, adoption of NAPs, government’s plan on University level research in climate change, and reasons for not submitting the INDC collaboration between the ministries of Law and Environment, access of GCF and CDM in Nepal were raised by the participants. Mr. Sharma stated that although Go N started programs on climate change quite late, the efforts it has shown are progressive and praiseworthy citing an example of NCCSP program which was included as one of the top 5 adaptation practices out of 170 submitted at UNFCCC meeting recently in Paris. He also mentioned that the government has been focusing on out scaling of the climate change programs by replicating the programs that are proven to benefit a certain community. He urged the youths to remain conscious on the contemporary issues and explore the opportunities by themselves stating that climate change itself is a learning by doing process. He also admitted that there are challenges for the government in the implementation of all the programs and commitment from all parties is very essential.

Basanta Paudel from Clean Energy Nepal highlighted he key issues of the Paris Agreement : Ambition, Differentiation and Means of implementation. He also discussed on the framework of the Paris agreement such as long term temperature goal, mitigation pathway, regular NDC submission, global stock take and adequacy of actions . He also addressed that Nepal , a country with the fragile ecosystem will face a huge impact in the entire ecosystem with a certain rise in temperature hence the long term temperature goal of the Paris Agreement is praiseworthy. “However ratification and implementation of the agreement will only determine the success or failure of this COP”- he stressed.

Abhishek Shrestha, Digo Bikash Institute, global south focal point, YOUNGO and also the Co-founder of NYCA expressed that youths were kept besides from the core negotiation team in COP 21. Ignorance of the sensitive issues such as keeping 80% of the fossil fuels in the ground, compensation and financial support shows that COP 21 betrayed the poor, vulnerable and those who already are suffering from the climate change. He also stated that in spite of promoting renewable energy technology, subsidies of $5300 billion (direct and indirect) in the fossil fuels clearly shows the direction on which the industrialized nations are moving .

Soon, the presentation was followed by an interactive discussion between the participants and the presenters. The discussion was mainly focused on the roles of youths now and in the future, necessity of the adequate research in the climate change issues to fill the loopholes in order to move towards a positive pathway.

The program concluded with a collective message to grab the opportunities and take a lead in order to make Nepal a sustained nation and set an example.



Nepalese Youth for Climate Action-Chitwan (NYCA-Chitwan) is pleased to announce the winners of Open National Blog Competition organized on the occasion of Conference of Parties 21 (CoP21) and as a part of Powering up for Paris Campaign. The theme of blog contest is “COP 21: What’s your message to global leaders.” The blog competition is organized in support of NYCA central office together with Clean Energy Nepal and Plan International Nepal.

Among the outstanding blogs received, our judges have decided to award the following winners:

Award Name Institute

First Prize
Jasmine Neupane Institute of Agriculture and Animal science, Paklihawa Campus.
​Second Prize Prashant Bhandari


Agriculture and Forestry University, B.Sc.Ag. Second Year.
​​Third Prize Pramisha Thapaliya Agriculture and Forestry University, B.Sc.Ag. Fourth semester.
Merit Samiksha Dhimal Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Bhaktapur
Merit Sudan Rai Kathmandu Forestry College, TU

For details please contact: 

Ishwor Dhakal

Coordinator, NYCA_Chitwan

Phone: 9845349877

Green Discussion Series: Pre-COP Youth Consultation Program


DSC03430Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) together with Clean Energy Nepal (CEN), Plan International Nepal and Climate Action Network-South Asia (CANSA) organized as a part of Green Discussion series, an interaction on “Pre-COP Youth Consultation Program” on 20th November 2015 in Kathmandu. Around 40 youths and media representatives from diverse background enthusiastically participated in the event. The main objective of the event was to sensitize/empower youths and children to ensure their active interest and raised voice on global level and also updates youths with COP21 and Nepal’s agenda for this COP.

Firstly, Mr. Manjeet Dhakal, Core negotiation Team member, GoN highlighted on the international climate negotiation and COP21. He presented how anthropogenic causes are creating climate change  and how climate action must meet the science demand. He also highlighted the key issue for 2015 climate conference such as of limiting the global temperature rise to below 2 degrees C, different role of countries and collective effort, addition of financial commitment and implementation and transparency. When participants asked where the COP was headed to,  he answered, “we are heading toward positive direction but the whole world is unsure of the exact outcomes”.

Second speaker, Mr. Raju Pandit Chhetri also key negotiator for GoN, highlighted the expectation of Nepal from COP21 and Role of Nepal. On his presentation he highlighted the key issues that Nepal will raise on the COP21 such as temperature rise should be limited below 1.5 degrees Celsius, thematic issues such as mitigation, funding gap on adaptation, loss and damage and transfer of finance together with technology development and transfer, capacity building. He also focused that Nepal should raise the issue of mountain agenda, finance transfer to support adaptation and low carbon development agenda. Further, he highlighted that this COP has to result in successful legally binding agreement. He also requested the youths to campaign more at national and global level to pressurize governments to act responsibly for global climate agreement.

In the last session Ms. Hannah Gould, Climate Lawyer, from Australia presented on the youth action in Australia highlighting the different activities and campaigns going on Australia. She shared that youth have different beliefs what Australia government want. Similarly, Mr Bart Bakker , and energy and environment student from Netherlands presented on the climate action in Europe. He present that we need to set concentration of CO2 below 350PPm.

Hence, the discussion program was successfully completed, with youths committing to take an active role in climate change discourse and doing their part to sensitize communities and pressurizing governments on climate change agenda.

Call for Open National Level Blog Competition


On the occasion of forthcoming COP21 and as a part of Nepalese Youth for Climate Action, NYCA’s Campaign “Powering up for Paris”, NYCA-Chitwan Chapter proudly presents COP 21: What’s your message to global leadersa national level blog Competition. The main objective of this Blog Competition is to raise the voice of Nepalese youth on climate action.

 Submission Guidelines and Event Timeline 

  • The theme of the competition is “COP 21: What’s your message to global leaders” Engaging, interesting, and passionate posts are welcomed.
  • The blog posts should be clear, concise and ORIGINAL!
  • The blog posts should have minimum of 600 and maximum 900 words and should be on English. 
  • The blog posts should be submitted to the email  with CC on  by 20th NOV 2015 with short CV and passport size photograph.
  • All the submitted posts will be judged by an expert jury panel and 5 best blogs will be shortlisted by 25th November 2015. The shortlisted 5 blogs will be posted on the Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) blog, website and facebook page.
  •  The top 3 blogs will be selected on the evaluation of judges.
  • The 3 winners will be announced on 28th November 2015.
  • The top 3 winners will be awarded with NRs. 3000, 2000 and 1500 respectively.

 For further details

Ishwor Dhakal

Focal Person, NYCA Chitwan

Nepalese Youth for Climate Action


Application call for NYCA XV Team


Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) is the open platform to educate, empower and mobilize youth to achieve climate goals. NYCA is a great way to share your knowledge and ideas about climate change, building up your skills, self confidence and leadership. NYCA is looking for innovative, dynamic and committed youths from diverse background to support different programs, campaign and outreach activities. Interested one can apply. Apply before 13th November 2015.

Who can apply?

  • Energetic Nepali youth of 15-25 years
  • One who wants to work on the issues of climate change
  • One with the quality of team work
  • One who is willing to work on voluntary basis
  • Must be interested to put a step forward to create positive change in the society and nation

How to apply?

To be parts of NYCA XV Team please fill up the form. Apply Now


Nepalese Youth for Climate Action

Secretariat office: Clean Energy Nepal, Mid-Baneshwor



Youth discussion program on “Role of Youth in promoting Sustainable Development Goals” organized


DSC02705Realizing the involvement of youth in the promotion and implementation of SDGs in Nepal and to discuss on the roles youth can play from their level, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) together with Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) with support of Climate Action Network-South Asia (CANSA) organized a discussion program on “Role of youth in promoting Sustainable Development Goals” on 29th September 2015 in Kathmandu. Around 35 youths from diverse background enthusiastically participated in the event.

Active participation of the youth during the relief and recovery process after the devastating 2015 Earthquake showed an exceptional example on how youth can play a significant role as and when required. This vibrant energy now should be directed towards promoting Sustainable Development Goals in the country. Ms. Jony Mainaly from Digo Bikash Institute emphasized on the active participation of youth from various backgrounds and motivated youth to search the ample opportunities to work in SDGs during her presentation: Promoting SDGs in Nepal; Challenges and Opportunities. As a member to UN and a signatory to the SDGs, Nepal needs to prioritize according to the country needs and work towards achieving the targets. In addition she highlighted on the need of youths to translate the challenges to opportunities saying that youths have to play dual roles: Agents as well as beneficiaries.

On the second presentation Mr. Basanta Poudel from Clean Energy Nepal starts his presentation with the fact that “Kathmandu is the fastest urbanizing city in South Asia and if we don’t start developing sustainably we are going to have serious problems” reflecting onto GOAL 11, “Make cities and human settlement inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. Mr. Poudel explained all the SDGs and Role of youth in promoting SDGs. During his presentation he focused on self -reliance and utilization of the renewable and sustainable source of energy and the promotion of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) for the development of a nation. “Investment in RET will not only fulfill our basic needs but also make us self-reliant and independent”- he emphasized giving an example of recent fuel crisis in the nation.

During the discussion session participants raised the issue of localization of the goals, inclusive participation of youth from every nook and crooks of Nepal, Government preparation in implementing the SDGs, current fuel crisis and the role youth can play in this entire situation. Addressing to these queries from the participants, Ms. Jony Mainaly said “Youth should now pressurize the government for inclusive participation and to fill in the gap while learning from MDGs experience. Mr. Basanta Paudel answered other questions saying that youths should seek for opportunities and actively participate in various activities. “Being self-reliant and utilization of the local goods and resources can lead us towards sustainable development and the main aim of SDGs is to meet social, economic and environmental aspects of development.”-he concluded.

The discussion program ended with the collective message- “There is no doubt that Nepal has to overcome number of challenges for the implementation of 17 SDGs and meeting 169 targets by 2030. In order to overcome those challenges partnership from individual level to global along with harmonization of the policies and plans is imperative. Youth role becomes prominent in implementing SDGs and hence they should remain alert and act as a watchdog to review the SDGs implementation process”. Participants of the discussion program agreed to foster the collaboration among multiple stakeholders and urged for regular discussion and interaction on such issues during the group work.

Nepal Earthquake Response 2015: SHE Initiatives for Sanitation, Hope and Environment


DSC08273Marking the World Environment Day on 5th June 2015, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) with the support of Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) organized “Youth for Schools: SHE Initiatives (for Sanitation, Hope and Environment)” as a part of UN Habitat Youth fund Project. The main objective of this program was to promote Clean Environment, Sanitation hygiene, WASH activities and recreational activities for students of the Kathmandu based Schools which got hit and damaged by the Mega Earthquake of 2015, 25th April.

According to DoE, a total of 187 schools, out of 299 community schools in Kathmandu district, were affected by quakes while more than 1,700 classrooms were damaged. As a result of which students are forced to study under the tarpaulins and tents and are deprived of many basic facilities one of which is toilet facilities. So taking this into consideration, Durbar High School, Ranipokhari and Ratna Rajya School, Mid Baneshwor were selected for temporary toilet construction along with the promotion of hygiene and WASH activities. All together three boys and two girls temporary toilet were constructed in Durbar High School and one permanent girls toilet was constructed in Ratna Rajya Secondary School, Mid-Baneshwor.

Besides, Recreational activities like playing team games, dancing, singing, sketching were done to help students get relieved from the post-earthquake stress. WASH awareness program with recreational activities were organized in other seven schools of Kathmnadu and Bhaktapur. In this two week long project, every activity including toilet construction had had the active participation of the students of the respective school along with the organizing team and technicians.