Eco-friendly Deusi Bhailo, 2076


This year we celebrated Tihar by playing Climate Friendly DeusiBhailo at Greenhood Nepal, Prakriti Resources Centre, ENPHO Nepal and Youth Alliance for Environment.
The DeusiBhailo was organized with a motive to preserve our culture, build and maintain the bonding between us, share happiness and to spread the message to act together for better environment.
We used public bus and Safa Tempo for transportation and gifted plant as a token of love to all of the hosting organizations. Both the plant and the plant vase was bought from a local shop inorder to promote local products and support their livelihoods. The fund generated here will be used for building Climate Justice Movement in Nepal.
Let’s celebrate Tihar in an eco friendly way as it is to be celebrated:
1. Let’s promise to use local products that minimizes the unnecessary carbon footprint.
2. Let’s consume as less as we can including electricity, water, meat etc.
3. Let’s love and worship plants and animals throughout the year as we do in these few days.
4. Let’s use our natural flowers and diyos to decorate.
5. Banning the use of crackers and maintain cleanliness always in our Environment.
Few more snaps from our climate friendly DeusiBhailo
#GreenTihar! #CelebrateResponsibly