Call for your Love Towards our Mother Earth: Open Love Letter Competition


flyer 2Valentine’s Day!! A day dedicated for love!!! A day dedicated for romance, confessions, proposals; a day dedicated to express one’s love to others! Need it be between two young hearts, love is universal; love is omnipresent between people of all age groups and also between people and earth!
So, join us in confessing our love for our Mother earth, join NYCA in an open love letter writing competition to our earth! Profess your love and win prizes a mountain Bike for your LOVE!!!
All you have to do is put your thinking-feeling cap on write, spill out your love on paper!!! Because it’s time to love nature and change our ways of living, in a manner that protects nature. This involves respecting others because we humans are a part of nature ourselves.
All your letters will be posted in our blogs and top 20 letters will be selected to be read at our Valentine day Event, 14th February 2013; along with letters from celebs and other dignified personalities’ love letter!!

Please do write and submit it to us latest by 6th Feb 2014 at

Word Limit: 350 Words
Language: Nepali or English