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Valentine’s Day

Jan 31, 2020

“Study Nature. Love Nature. Stay close to Nature. It’ll never fail you.”

Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA-Lamjung) presents you a picture competition themed “A pledge to Nature: this Valentine’s” All you need to do is take a beautiful picture of Mother Nature with you in the frame with a Climate Sign (C).

This competition will take place from February 1 to February 13 and the winner will be decided on February 14 itself i.e. Valentine’s Day.
The winner will be chosen on the basis of following parameters:
1)Your picture
2)Your pledge to Mother Nature
3)Likes count in your Fb post
4)People liking your post must have liked our NYCA-Lamjung page.
5) Word limit = below 40 words
You need to send your picture to our official NYCA-Lamjung Facebook page or mail us at our gmail.…/

The winner will be rewarded with a prize.



Nov18, 2019

Tapari” a well known name , is a plate made of “saal” (Soria robusta) .Fine choped bamboo stick is used for attaching the leaves together . The art of making tapari has passed generation after generation and is most for our religious ceromony . This is purely eco friendly and there is no pollution created by it . We are rich in our culture and our culture provide no harm to nature.

Climate strike
September 22. 2019

Climate strike at sundarbazar


World clean up day
September 21, 2019

NYCA-Lamjung Chapter in collaboration with other organizations like Youth for Sustainable Agriculture (YSA), Climates Nepal-Lamjung, Technical Student’s Association of Nepal (TSAN) and Youth for Community Transformation (YCT) performed a street drama to educate people about environmental cleanliness and sanitation in order to have a good health.

Green Discussion session
September 17, 2019

conducted the Green Discussion session on “LIGHT POLLUTION” successfully.

Second session of community campaign
August 30, 2019

At Shree Shanti Niketan Secondary School ,Khatrithati, Lamjung. We thank the Jwalamukhi Aama Samuha for patiently being a part of and listening to our programme. We talked about CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture) practices and waste management. Waste management is an integral part for environment cleanliness and acts for mitigation of climate change. Likewise, CSA practices can help the farmers in their agricultural production and increase their yield which ultimately leads to development of agriculture and also promotes climate friendly practices thus acting against climate change.

2 days workshop
August 11, 2019

on Climate Smart Agriculture. Discussed on effects of the climate change on agriculture, CSA and measures for attainment of sustainable productivity adapting to climate change. The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants on the topic was appreciable.


Green discussion
August 6, 2019

Green Discussion session on “CLIMATE EMERGENCY”


 fifth session of school campaign
August 5, 2019

“Parichaya” successfully to talk about climate change at Bidhya Jyoti Secondary School located at Sundarbazar-5,Khahare, Lamjung. This campaign was held with a view to educate and raise awareness among the children and contribute to mitigation of climate change at our own level.

Green discussion
July 26, 2019

Topic ‘Moving Out of Plastic Trap’.

June 5, 2019

On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5. we took part in the “UNMASK YOURSELF” campaign. For this :
1) Take a picture of yourself with mask (where you will be unmasking yourself.)
2) Insert the Hashtag at your post –

Poster card competition
March 22, 2019

On the occasion of world Water Day, to mark and celebrate the World Water Day on 22 March. we conducted Poster card competition on the theme of water. And congratulated Ms Anju Basyal for winning this competition.

Water marathon
March 22, 2019

on the occasion of Holi being based on the World Water Day ( 22 March ).


Global climate strike
March 15, 2019

At Sundarbazar. Youth from different backgrounds; students, journalist, social workers were present in the event.

community  campaign
March 02, 2019

on 2nd march 2019, NYCA-Lamjung Chapter conducted the session of community campaign to talk about solid, waste management, climate smart agriculture and Forest fire  at parewa danda. This campaign was held with a view to educate and raise awareness among the society and contribute to mitigation of climate change at our own level.


fourth session of school campaign
February 20, 2019

Today on 20th February 2019, NYCA-Lamjung Chapter conducted the fourth session of school campaign “Parichaya” to talk about climate change at Laligurans English Boarding School. This campaign was held with a view to educate and raise awareness among the children and contribute to mitigation of climate change at our own level.


Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2018

NYCA Lamjung Chapter is organizing an online competition


World CleanUp Day 2018

September 15, 2018

On the occasion of World Clean Up Day 2018, Community Clean Up Program has been executed in Sundarbazar. In coordination and collaboration with climates Nepal Lamjung, YCT-Nepal and Adarsha Youth Club, NYCA-Lamjung has celebrated this event(festival) to show an union with this global event. Congratulation to individuals, groups and communities who have been involved in cleanups around the globe expressing their concern towards environment.


Presenting a letter of suggestion

September 10, 2018

was celebrated as global day of action all over the world as formally mentioned. today, the march was ended presenting a letter of suggestion that was handed to mayor of sundarbazzar municipality.


Global day of action

September 08, 2020

Sept 08 is celebrated as global day of action all over the world. As formerly mentioned, the rally on #globaldayofaction has been done in Sundarbazar municipality, Lamjung. This event was organized by NYCA-Lamjung and Climates Nepal-Lamjung in collaboration with YCT-Nepal. Youths and climate enthusiasts with keen concern on climate and environment were present holding posters and banners. The route mapped Lamjung Campus Gate-Milanchowk- Sundarbazar Municipality office-Lamjung Campus Gate.
We are delivering a letter with suggestions about possible ground action to Mr. Janak Raj Mishra, Mayor of Sundarbazar Municipality tomorrow.
Thank you everyone to make this happen!

Affixing awareness boards

August 31, 2018

The aforementioned program of affixing awareness boards in different locations of Sundarbazar and Seudibaar with a view to raise awareness among people about waste management and pollution control has been done.
The photo features Mr. Moti Pd Gurung, ward chair of Sundarbazar-09 and NYCA-Lamjung members with youths.

International Youth Day 2018

August 12, 2018

On the occasion of International Youth Day 2018, NYCA-Lamjung organized a program of affixing awareness boards on various locations in Sundarbazar, Lamjung. The board in Sundarbazar was inaugurated by Mr. Santosh Aryal, a local social activist and youth. The message conveyed were about environmental concerns and need of waste management. Together we can make a change

World Environment Day 2018

June 05, 2018

Handsketched banner in the foreground with a beautiful sketch of flowers in the background.
Theme: “Beat Plastic Pollution”
If you cannot reuse it, refuse it.


Session about Climate change,

June 1 2018

junks and sharing about reusing plastics and refusing it in Bhakti Namuna Secondary School, Bhotewodar Lamjung.
Thanks to Niranjan Pokhrel(Climates Nepal -Lamjung for volunteering)

2 days Youth Workshop

May 30, 2018

#NYCA-LAMJUNG team at 2 days Youth Workshop for knowledge Enhancement oj Environment isssue conducted by #NYCA central team.
Learning and bonding with #NYCA_Dadeldhura , #NYCA_Tanahu , #NYCA_Syanja , #NYCA_Dang , #NYCA_Pokhara , #NYCA_Baitadi was great indeed.
Thank you entire team of #NYCA providing such a great oppurtunity.

A flashmob

March 4, 2018

NYCA-LAMJUNG in association with LCC participants and Climates Nepal-Lamjung organized a flashmob in 8th Sundarbazar Mohatsab on 4th of March.

The theme was “Don’t use plastic, Be fantastic”. In this account, NYCA-Lamjung would like to thank each and every individual’s helping hands without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible.
Kushal Poudel dai for your genuine help for making it even more impactful. It wouldn’t have been same without you. The art you Nirajan Banjade Aashish Tripathee is always on another level.
Suwarna Shrestha for your amazing choreography, we couldn’t have done without you .
Enthusiastic volunteers who accompanied us in this Prakriti Adhikarii Dhrubaraj Joshi Prajoal Abiral Kushwaha Suresh Humagain Jiya Poudel Anisha Sapkota Niranjan Pokhrel
Prabha Kc Manila Karki Smriti Pangyani Chadani Acharya .
And last but not the least lcc participants with whom we collabrated Manjila Gyawali Nirajan Banjdae , Stha Anisha Sunita Ghimire
We owe you all huge gratitude


We stand for our Heritage against Air Pollution.

February 25, 2018
According to recent datas lumbini air quality is worse then other cities and it is affecting Ashoka pillar and other monuments too and distructionig structure and life span.

Sundarbazar Mohatsab 

Making our presence felt in first day of Sundarbazar Mohatsab 🙌
Looking to make an impact
#LCC participants of Lamjug team successfully conducted the rally about climate change with the aid of volunteers .
They have greatly impacted the society through the face painting , slogan and poster exhibition.
Kudos to the entire team 😄
U make us proud