NYCA Chitwan

Discussion on “Many Dimensions of Climate Change”
January 9, 2020

Mid Western students Family (MWSF) in collaboration with NYCA ,Chitwan has successfully conducted discussion session with the members of Rebels For Green.
We would specially like to thank Rajendra Kharel ,Pawan Dhungana , Anam Kiran and Surjan Tiwari for providing us knowledge regarding many dimensions of climate change and creating positiveness towards the movement.
We would also like to thank the President of MWSF ManojPaudel and Former Coordinator of NYCA Manish Gautam for their valuable presence.

Global climate strike 2019
September 25, 2019

The rally started from Chaubiskoti, Bharatpur to Pulchowk hosted by many enthusiastic nature lovers with a short program at the end of the Strike. The program was coordinated by Santosh kafle, Himani Yadav and the speakers during the program were RabindraKhanal, SamratAryal and DorendraRokaya.
Climate strike is a voice of all young minds who are troubled by the passiveness of leaders. We support the voice of Greta and raise our own voice from our level. Overall the program was fruitful and we hope this strike brings a sense of awareness and responsibility among the grown up to solve and act to bring a solution to climate change

Presentation on Climate Change Impacts and massive forest fire in amazon forest
September 10, 2019

We were success to conduct presentation to aware young minds about climate change in Grandee at Rampur, Chitwan.
The presentation addressed Climate Change Impacts and the recent massive Amazon forest fire and motivated the children through the peerless thoughts of Greta Thunberg.
Presentor: Himani Yadav and Santosh Kafle

Climate strike
March 15, 2019

NYCA-Chitwan conducted CLIMATE STRIKE in Bharatpur, Chitwan in collaboration with The Eco Minions(TEM) to aware local peoples about climate changes.
We marched through the bustling road of Bharatpur municipality depicting our Silent Protest against Climate Change and finally merged in chaubiskothi where Associate professor of Department of Ecology at Agriculture and Forestry University.
Dinesh Bhatta spoke about the importance to act upon this issue and encouraged us further on our way.

7 October, 2018

NYCA Chitwan conducted Debate contest on CLIMATE CHANGE: A HOAX OR REALITY.
The judgement panel declared first, second and third in the contest as per their presentation skills, content knowledge and argument ability.
• Bal Krishna Baral: FIRST
• ShristiAdhikari: SECOND
• Yubrajkhanal: THIRD
We express our sincere thanks to Centre for Agriculture, Research and Education( CARE, Bharatpur, Chitwan) for Sponsorship.

November 13, 2017

NYCA Chitwan has successfully conducted the COP 23 Climate Simulation Programme on November 13 at Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur.
The Programme was conducted under the president-ship of NYCA Chitwan Coordinator, Ram Chandra Neupane. Prof. Dr. Kalyani Mishra (Asst. Dean, AFU, Faculty of Agriculture) was invited in the programme as our Chief Guest and Asst. Professor KP Thapaliya and Asst. Profesor Suryamani Dhungana were also present in our programme as our Guest speaker. The programme was able to successfully simulate the COP 23 being held in Germany, Bonn. Participants were divided in teams of 3 members representing 6 regions namely USA,China,European Union, Other Developed Countries, Developing Countries and Climate Activists. Five of the NYCA Chitwan members acted as Climate Activists and other members were in the organizing team. One of the members of the organizing team acted as the chairperson in order to facilitate the entire session of the program. “C” Roads was used to represent the data provided by the delegate of each region and interpreted in graphs as well.
The feedback of every participants were full of positive vibes and we intend to make our future programs more effective and smooth in upcoming days.
As a whole, the program was a great success and proved to be very effective to meet its goals.

World fisheries day
Novemebr 21, 2016

NYCA-Chitwan in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries, AFU on “fingerlings releasing” program on world fisheries day nov, 21. Because of the climate change, water pollution and reckless fishing the number of indigenous fish species is decreasing. So awaring people about the impacts of climate change in aquatic habitat went succesful @Rampur, Chitwan.

Documentary show about the climate change and its impacts
novemeber 18, 2016

NYCA Chitwan Conducted a documentary show program about climate change and its impacts in DAWN Academy, Bharatpur, Chitwan.