Seventh National Youth Conference on Climate Change 2020 (7th NYCCC)

Who is NYCA?

NYCA is establishing a network of youths at the local, national, regional, and global levels for Climate Campaigning. We do this by educating, empowering, inspiring, and mobilizing young people across the country. We believe that climate change is an existential threat to humanity and we young people – as the inheritors of this planet – are the key stakeholder in humanity’s response to the climate crisis. However, we also believe that addressing the climate crisis is an opportunity to create a more sustainable, just, and fair Nepal. NYCA envisions youth playing an active role in leading society towards a cleaner future. At every level, NYCA is led by young people. Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) serves as a secretariat to NYCA.

Journey to 7th NYCCC

NYCA has successfully organized Six National Youth Conferences on Climate Change (NYCCC) since 2008. NYCCC holds a legacy as Nepal’s largest Youth Climate Conference ever. The conferences have been instrumental in bringing youths together on the same platform to discuss Climate Change and about 500 aspiring youths were directly benefited from the last 6 conferences. NYCCC has also played an important role in enhancing the capacity of youths and many of them were motivated in forming the NYCA chapters in their respective districts and also started their own climate activism.

Why 7th NYCCC?

National Youth Conference on Climate Change (NYCCC) is a flagship event of NYCA, organized to empower youths in the field of climate change- a pressing issue of current time. NYCA together with Save the Children and Clean Energy Nepal is holding its Seventh National Youth Conference on Climate Change (7th NYCCC), from 6th to 9th November 2020, to create a pathway for Nepalese youth to learn about the climate crisis and empower them to take action in their own communities. We welcome every young person from every part of Nepal to gather together to join the most extraordinary and interesting climate talks, engage in a meaningful dialogue, and to commit to taking climate action NOW!

Theme for 7th NYCCC

-Accelerating climate ambition by youth leadership

Highlights of 7th NYCCC/ What do we aim for?

-Virtually connect diverse groups of youths from all over Nepal and empower them with knowledge of climate science

-Transform the best campaign plans to action strengthening the position of young people to tackle climate-related issues through activism, campaigns, research, advocacy and leadership and,

-Prepare the National Youth Climate Declaration. 

What do we expect?

-Empower and mobilize youths for Climate Action by building their capacity on climate science, research, and advocacy. 

-Effectively implement the skills and knowledge gained by the participants to the local levels.

Nepalese youth are moving forward in the journey of climate momentum and this conference aims to enhance the path towards climate-resilient Nepal with empowered and motivated youths to create a safe future.

How will the virtual conference flow?

Date: 6th November to 9th November 2020

Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Total duration: 4 days

Time: 10 AM- 12 PM and  2 PM – 4 PM (Four hours/Day)

Break between: 12 PM- 2 PM (Two hours/Day)

Working Structure

  1. 7th NYCCCC Mentors
  2. 7th NYCCC Organizing Team
  3. Secretariat, Clean Energy Nepal and,
  4. Save the Children in Nepal

Agenda for the 7th NYCCCC

(Note: The speakers are not finalized and it can be changed accordingly so this is a tentative agenda). 

Time Session
DAY I: 6th November

Theme: Climate Crisis, Covid-19 and Green Recovery

10:00am- 10:15am Welcome and registration
10:20am- 11:00am Opening of 7th NYCCC

Promotional video of 7th NYCCC

 Welcome remarks by:

Remarks by Chief Guest

(Journey video of NYCA)

7th NYCCC Video

11:00am- 11:15am Breakdown and introduction of participants 
11:16am- 12pm Empowering Young Gen: The ABCs of Climate Chang
12pm- 2pm Break
2:00pm- 2:45pm Global Emergency: Climate Crisis and Covid-19 
2:45pm -2:50pm Reflection (Breakout session)
2:50pm -3:00pm Energizer 
3:00pm -3:45pm Children and Youth in Times of Crisis (CCA & DRR)
3:45pm -3:50 pm Reflection (Breakout session)
3:50pm -4:00pm Energizer
Day II: 7th November

Theme: Youth Momentum through Campaigns, Research, and Activism

10:00am -10:10 am Registration and reflection of Day 1
10:10am -10:40 am Youth to lead on Climate: Unheard not Voiceless 
10:40am -11:25 am How to plan Campaigns for Climate?
11:25am -11:30 am Energizer
11:30 am -12 pm Preparing Campaigning ideas
12pm -2 pm Break
2pm -2:40 pm Presentation and feedback session
2:40pm -3:10 pm Tackling Climate Crisis: From activism to policy [SDG 13]
3:10pm -3:50 pm         -Gender and Climate Change

-Values of Indigenous Peoples: A Key Component of Climate Resilience

-Effective Engagement of Youths in SDGs (Breakout session)

3:50pm- 4 pm Reflection
Day III: 8th November

Theme: Boosting the Youth Leadership

10:00am -10:10am Registration and reflection of Day II
10:10am- 10:45am Final Presentation on the Provincial Campaign Plans 
10:45am- 11:15am Nepalese Youth for Climate Action– (Break out session)
11:15am – 11:20 am Energizer
11:20am -12:00am Team building and Leadership Skills
11:55am -12pm Reflection
12pm- 2pm Break
2pm -2:30pm Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE)
2:30pm -3pm Youths Involvement in Research
3pm- 3:30pm Hearing the Stories of the participants (Best will be selected and awarded)

-By Participants

3:30pm -4:00pm Motivational Talk
  Ask to prepare draft from Each province
Day IV: 9th November

Theme: Climate dialogue, stories, and ACTION

10:00am -10:10am Registration and reflection of Day III 
10:10am- 11:10am Youth Dialogue with a Climate Leader
11:10am -11:50am Green Stories of Nepali Campaigners (Breakout session)
11:50am -12pm Reflection
12pm- 2pm Break
2pm -2:30pm Climate Crisis: From the lens of vulnerable
2:30pm -3:00pm Sustainable Mobility: Green Cities to build forward better for SDGs
3:00pm- 3:10pm Energizer
3:10pm -4:00pm Passing the National Youth Climate Declaration
4:00pm -4:30pm Closing ceremony

-Announcing the best audience, best campaign plans etc.

Objectives of the conference 

The objectives of the 7th National Youth Conference on Climate Change 2020  are as follows:


  • Virtually connect diverse groups of youths from all over Nepal and enhance their knowledge and understanding on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals,
  • Empower youths of diverse backgrounds on Campaign Designing and Climate Advocacy,  Leadership and team building training,
  • To strengthen the position of youth in diverse fields to tackle Climate related issues through Research, Campaigns, Activism and Advocacy,
  • Prepare a National Youth Climate Declaration. 

Expected Outcomes from the conference

Some of the expected outcomes from the conference are mobilization and empowerment of youths for Climate Action, increased capacity building such as public speaking, research, and advocacy among the youths, better understanding of various aspects of climate change among youths from diverse backgrounds. Likewise, we also hope and expect that the skills and knowledge gained from the conference will be effectively implemented in local levels. 

Nepalese youth are definitely moving forward in the journey of climate momentum and the conference aims to enhance the path towards climate-resilient Nepal with empowered and motivated youths to create a safe future.

Reading materials:

  1. 1st NDC of Nepal 
  2. Gender just climate policy
  3. https://www.unicef.org/stories/lessons-covid-19-pandemic-tackling-climate-crisis
  4. Climate Change Policy 2019
  5. My SDGs, My Responsibility
  6. Ministry of Health and Population
  7. Youth Engagement In Climate Change
  8. Climate Change in Nepal: Impacts and Adaptive Strategies










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